Recommended Services

ZRide’s Recommended Services

Scooter Insurance

Lexham Insurance is one of the leading insurance companies in the UK. They specialise in electric scooter insurance. We have set up a special deal with Lexham Insurance specifically for ZRide Ltd customers and riders. Just click on the link/logo below and you will be directed to a simple form to complete.

Scooter Valet

Every ZRide is constructed to exact specifications and finished to the highest standard. To maintain their incredible looks and brightness, we recommend using Vulcanet. Vulcanet is a very special product offering expert cleaning and protection for your scooter, moped, motorcycle and car. Vulcanet will not only clean your ZRide back to it’s showroom state, it will remove all the hardships of the road! Bugs, Tar and brake dust come off easily. Vulcanet is completely waterless, meaning there’s no need for a water supply, buckets, sponges, or anything other than what comes in the Tub. It also means, as a Vulcanet customer, your Zride is clean in the same time it takes most people to get their products out and fill a bucket of water!!

Vulcanet traps the particles immediately while cleaning and then applies a film on the surface to protect the surfaces of your scooter. So not only is cleaning easier next time, your scooter looks better for longer as the heat resistant coating repels dirt and water! Vulcanet is completely safe on all the surfaces of your scooter (exc. tyre tread) which means you can even use it to clean your helmet and visor!