Tiger X

Save 20% with PIMG

The government’s mission is to put the UK at the forefront of the design and manufacturing of zero emission vehicles. The plug-in motorcycle grant (PIMG) has was launched in 2016 to help bridge the price gap between the cost of zero emission motorcycles and petrol motorcycles.

About the Tiger X

The Tiger X, a cousin and a smaller version of the Puma. It is equivalent to a 125 cc moped. Built sturdy for longer commutes, it can carry two riders comfortably. With a 5KW hub brushless motor, it tops out at 60mph with the a remarkable long range of 155miles between charges.


City Range




Fully Charged in


No petrol needed
No oil needed
Minimal service needed
Easy to maintain
12p/hr to charge up to 6 hrs
72V 100ah Permanent Fixed Battery

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