Save 20% with PIMG

The government’s mission is to put the UK at the forefront of the design and manufacturing of zero emission vehicles. The plug-in motorcycle grant (PIMG) has was launched in 2016 to help bridge the price gap between the cost of zero emission motorcycles and petrol motorcycles.

About the PUMA

The Puma is the largest, fastest and most smooth electric moped on the market since the BMW C-Evolution. It boasts a top speed of 80 mph and an impressive range of 230 miles between charges. Its big and long wheelbase design tips the scale at 270kgs, yet it offers a reasonable height off the ground making it easy to get your feet flat on the road when waiting in traffic. It has a reversing gear to facilitate getting out of tight parking spots or making a 3-point turn in a tight spot. It has a rapid acceleration, and is easy to ride on the Motorway; perfect for commuting in and out from London.


City Range




Fully Charged in


No petrol needed
No oil needed
Minimal service needed
Easy to maintain
12p/hr to charge up to 6 hrs
Removable Lithium Battery 48V 30ah