Save 20% with PIMG

The government’s mission is to put the UK at the forefront of the design and manufacturing of zero emission vehicles. The plug-in motorcycle grant (PIMG) has was launched in 2016 to help bridge the price gap between the cost of zero emission motorcycles and petrol motorcycles.

About the e-City

The e-City’s slick Italian design, light weight and top speed of 30 mph make it perfect for the city. Its remarkable agility comes in very handy when filtering between traffic and manoeuvring with adjustments to the speed modes inside areas of schools and hospitals. The convenience of its removable battery to charge at home or at the office is a bonus for security and convenience.


City Range




Run Time

Hours per Charge

No petrol needed
No oil needed
Minimal service needed
Easy to maintain
12p/hr to charge up to 6 hrs
Removable Lithium Battery 48V 30ah