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How the ZRide Journey Began

This is what our founder has to say:

“I am a married Londoner, living with my beautiful wife and my beloved five-year-old son in the city of London that never sleeps. At the age of three, my son’s lungs struggled for few months with the pollution surrounding us causing him pain and discomfort that I hope no child will experience.

I share the same vision as that of our Honourable Mayor Mr. Sadiq Khan in a pollution-free city in future.

In fact, the idea of establishing Z-Ride, came to me when I was faced with many challenges for a quick, easy and environmentally friendly mode of transport to move around in the city in order to attend to my son’s never-ending needs. So, I embarked on searching for manufacturers of high quality electric scooters that are efficient and able to serve the market at a cost-effective price hoping to lead the way for others to join the wagon in a serious attempt to achieve greener climate, zero noise, zero pollution to provide better urban air quality and life style in the cities. I believe I have finally succeeded in obtaining the right choice of product for this aim to deliver to the market. I have made it available here and now.

However, all what I and others, who are in the same trade, do for that goal, will reach nowhere without the true conviction and active participation of the public and the authorities alike. Without them this ambitious program will never see light. It must be a joint effort. So, let us all join forces and go for it and make it happen.”

Electric Scooters in London

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